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Verified Email Domains

Unsure about whether you should or not verify an email domain? This one is for you

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Special note: Domain verification is only available for the account admins

What does email domain verification do?

Once a domain is verified, all future users who sign in to hypercontext will be grouped to your organization. All users invited with a different email domain than those verified will be treated as guests (limited access, free).

My email domain is already shown as verified. Do I have to re-verify?

When you create a Hypercontext organization with your email address, your email domain will be auto-verified for you and there is no need to verify again.

My organization uses multiple email domains. How can I ensure all the users who belong to these domains can sign in without any issues?

You can verify any domain as long as you have an email address that belongs to the domain that you are verifying. Please take a look at this article which shows how an email domain can be verified.

How does my billing work when I have multiple email domains verified?

Billing is directly proportionate to the active users in your organization. Active users are members who have signed in to your Hypercontext organization at least once and have any of the verified domains. Your account will be charged based on the number of active users in your community and plan type. Learn more about how our billing works.

Can I remove all the verified domains in my Hypercontext account?

A Hypercontext account must have at least one verified domain

What if I remove a verified domain and there are members who belong to the removed domain still in the Hypercontext account?

Any user who was identified as an active user prior to removing the verified domain will be able to access your Hypercontext account as usual. However, any new user you invite who belongs to the removed email domain will be treated as a guest user in your Hypercontext account

I want to make sure I pay only for the users who have my email domain

Ensure the only verified domain is same as your current email domain. If you did remove a verified domain and do not want to be charged for users who do not belong to your email domain, reach out to support with a list of email addresses so we can convert them to guests in your Hypercontext account

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