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Guest Users - FAQs
Guest Users - FAQs
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Q - How does the platform recognize a user as a guest

A - Our platform looks for two key attributes when determining a guest. Let's take an example where [email protected] invites [email protected] to a workspace,

1st Qualification: The invited user's email domain must not be the same as the primary account's email domain (John's email domain is and Kelly's is

2nd Qualification: The email domain '' must not have been verified in the Hypercontext account of which [email protected] is part of (this article shows how to verify an email domain or remove a verified domain)

When both the qualifications are met, the user ([email protected]) will be determined as a guest.

Q - I was invited to a workspace but I cannot make any changes to the agenda

A - Being a guest user in an external workspace you can only add new agenda items, close next steps assigned to you and edit an agenda item added by you. All the other features will be restricted to you as a guest user,

If a guest user tries to access other features, the platform will give a notification to the user as to why they cannot access that feature and if needed they can request the admin of the workspace to make them a "Regular Member".

Please note that converting a guest a regular user increases the active user account. And based on the account type, there may be an extra charge involved. More details can be found on our plans here.

Q - How can I know that I am a guest user in the workspace that I am part of

A - Any guest user will have the guest user emoji ( 🏨 ) next to their email address in the members list and the external workspace will be shown as "Viewing as a Guest" as well

Q - I already have a paid account with Hypercontext but I was invited to another Hypercontext account as a guest user. Do I pay twice?

A - As long as your email address is registered as a guest user in the account that you were invited to, this will not add any cost to the account.

Q - I would like to remove myself from the workspace that I was invited as a guest user

A - Please inform the person who invited you to the workspace and if they are the workspace manager, they will be able to remove you from the workspace. Removing a guest user will not delete any content that you added instead it will restrict the guest user's access to the workspace

Q - I was invited as a guest user but I really like the features that Hypercontext provides, how can I create an account for myself and my team

A - When a brand new user is invited to Hypercontext as a guest user, our platform will create a new account and provide a 14-day of free trial to access our pro plan features. During the trial, you will be able to create new workspaces, assign next steps and enjoy all the paid features that our pro plan offers and after the trial you can upgrade your plan to a paid plan. Click here to know more about our plans.

However, since you are part of an external workspace, the access level that you have in that external workspace may be limited.

Q - It looks like I already have an account with Hypercontext and when I sign in it says "Trial Expired. Upgrade to Pro"

A - This means that you have had an account with us in the past under the email address that you were invited. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, if you would like to explore the paid features, drop us a chat using the blue chat icon located in the bottom right-hand corner and we will get you a 14-day free trial. Despite the account being on a free trial expired state, you will still be able to access the external workspace that you were invited as a guest and collaborate (features may be limited as you are a guest in that external workspace)

Q - How can I become a regular member in an external workspace

A - Please request the person who invited you to the workspace to drop us a chat and we will do the needful 😊

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