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Adding external members into your Community Workspace

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Here is a quick guide to explain how adding external users into your Community Workspace works across our 3 plan types.

Note: Our App only allows external users for organizations that have authenticated with Google and Work Email. Slack and MS Teams communities will not be able to invite external users as our App pulls from their Slack/Teams directory for member access.

Hypercontext Basic - Free Plan ๐Ÿ™Œ

You are able to invite an unlimited number of external users into your Hypercontext Basic plan. They will have the same level of access to the platform as everyone else in the organization and since this is the free plan, there will be no additional cost associated.

Hypercontext Pro - Paid Upgrade

Hypercontext Pro is our most popular option, with our Pro plan you will have full access to a number of powerful features to really help drive your meetings. You will be able to invite external users onto your Community Workspace, but please note that each user that you invite onto the platform, will count towards your active user count, and in turn will increase your billing amount (only if the user invited, signs-in and has a verified email domain to your hypercontext account.

If the invited user never signed in they will not be counted towards the active user count, hence will not be charged. Also, if the user invited does not belong to a verified email domain that user will be classified as guest user and there is no cost involved for guest users.

Hypercontext Business Plan - Premium Upgrade ๐Ÿ’ซ

With our Business Plan, you will gain access to incredible features such as Goals, monthly usage reports and a dedicated CSM.

With this plan, you can invite additional members into your Community Workspace while only paying for those within your organization (verified email domains)

To learn more about Goals, please click here to view our features page.

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