Who are guest users?

A guest user is a user who has been invited to a workspace within your organization’s instance of Hypercontext, but who is not part of your organization.

How do we determine who is a guest user?

If the email of the person you are inviting is not the same as the primary email domain for your account, they will be denoted as guest users.

What can a guest user do?

Guest users have all the features accessible for a regular user based on the plan which the account has signed up for (Business or Pro).

A guest user can:

  • Add items

  • Add comments

  • Summarize items

  • Modify item and workspace descriptions

  • Use Next Steps

  • Use Goals

  • Finish meetings

The above feature sets may only be available to guest users available to your organization’s tier of service. For example, a guest would not be able to add summaries, next steps, comments or descriptions on a community that is not at a paid service tier.

What does a guest user see?

A guest user can only see the workspaces they have been invited to.

Will my bill change when including guest users in a workspace?

No. Your bill will not change if you invite guest users. You will never have to pay for guest users.

How do I know if someone is a guest user?

As an administrator of an organization, you can see guest users under Organization Settings > User Management. Any user with an 🏨 emoji on the right side of the page is a guest user.

I’m on a business plan and I have a public discussion, will guest users see them?

No they will not.

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