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How do I access the Chrome Extension?

Pinning the extension in you browser toolbar gives you easy access to the extension anywhere.

If you are a Google calendar user, you will see a tab on the right hand side of your calendar to open the extension. You can also click on any meeting with a Hypercontext agenda associated to access it directly in the extension.

Where do I find my next steps?

You can access all Next Steps assigned to you by clicking on the check mark in the top right of the extension.

How can I add an item to an agenda?

You can quickly add a item to any agenda by clicking on the '+' at the bottom right of the extension. Simple choose the meeting in the drop down and type away.

When you select a meeting you will also get access to AI Suggestions based on type of meeting, past meeting notes, and related goals, next steps and reviews.

What do I do if there are no upcoming events showing?

If your upcoming events is empty but you have a connected calendar, simply log out and log back into the extensions to refresh the calendar connection.

When accessing the extension from your Google Calendar close and open the extension by clicking on the tab to refresh your calendar.

If neither of these option resolves the issue please contact support.

How do I turn off the Assistant Alerts?

You can access the controls the Assistants Alerts in the extension settings. The Assistant Alerts will let you know when a meeting is about to start when the extension is open. Never be late for a meeting again!

How do I open my meeting in the web application?

If you are looking to get more space, you can open your agenda in the web app by click on the menu at the top right hand side of any agenda.

How do I remove the Chrome Extension?

Click on Manage Extensions. From the Extensions page find Hypercontext and click Remove.

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