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How do I force close a current agenda
How do I force close a current agenda
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Now that we have introduced the meeting auto-finish feature, you might be wondering, where did that "Finish Meeting" icon go!

We have not removed it instead, we have changed the way users can refresh the agenda.

Step 01: Go to your workspace, click on the three dots and toggle off the "Set up Next Agenda

The meeting time indicator will now change to a clickable button "Set up new agenda"

Step 02: Click on "Set up new agenda". This will refresh your agenda and add a copy of your agenda to your Past Meetings (you can customize what happens when you refresh the agenda - i.e "Email meeting minutes & Roll over unchecked items")

If you are looking to have the auto-finish enabled again, be sure to click on the three dots and switch on the "Set up Next Agenda" feature.

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