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What are automations?
What are automations?
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What are automations?

Automations are a set of options to help users customize the way Hypercontext takes care of your agenda after you're done your meeting.

How do these automations work?

Note: In order to access all automations, your workspace must be synced to one or more calendar events.

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Set up next agenda

  • When an instance of a recurring meeting is over, should we automatically setup the next agenda?

  • When this automation is turned on, hypercontext will save and archive your meeting notes for you and set up your next agenda even when you're not in the app.

  • This automation will trigger 60 minutes after your meeting end date/time in your calendar. If you are still taking notes at that time a popup will appear to postpone this another 30 minutes.

Email Meeting Minutes

  • When the next meeting is setup, should we automatically send meeting notes to all participants of your workspace.

  • Turning this automation on means your meeting notes will be emailed to everyone who has been added to your workspace.

Roll over unchecked items

  • This automation is enabled by default to any new workspaces that you create and what it does is, it will carry forward any "Open" agenda items to your next agenda as they are (any comments, open next steps etc..)

  • When this automation is off/disabled, we will save and archive all agenda items on your agenda. Resetting it each time you meet.

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