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Single Sign On (SSO) options
Single Sign On (SSO) options
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Customers who are on our Business Plan are eligible to configure Single Sign On to authenticate users and allow them to sign in to their Hypercontext account.

Not on a business plan, book a time with us to review your options 😊

Please follow these steps to setup SSO with the provider of your choice,

Step 01: Go to Organization Settings and select "Configure SSO"

*only the account admins will have access to this feature

Step 02: Select your SSO provider and click "Get Started"

Step 03: Based on the SSO provider selected, you will be then taken through a step-by-step process to complete the setup. Please follow the instructions shown carefully

Step 04: Once the SSO setup has been configured correctly, all users in your Hypercontext community will require to sign-in using your SSO method.

If you do come across any issues, please click on Blue Chat Icon on the bottom right corner and let's connect!

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