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Multi-event calendar sync
Multi-event calendar sync
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During customer feedback calls many brought up the scenario where users have more than 1 recurring event weekly/fortnightly of the same meeting that they would like to sync their existing agenda without having to create a new workspace.

Now with this feature, you can link a workspace to any number of events in your calendar.

*The workspace will always follow the event/s frequency that it is linked to

Step 01: To link multiple events simply click on "Schedule or link to a calendar event" if the workspace is not linked to any calendar event or "+" when one event is already linked.

Step 02: Check-mark the events that you would like to link to the workspace and hit "Connect"

Once the workspace is linked, the events' names will be shown on the workspace.

To disconnect a calendar event that you have already linked to a workspace, simply click on the event name and hit disconnect.

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