Template Visibility

Control who can see your agenda template

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Visibility Level

What that means

Who can see it

Where it's available


Only You

Only you can use this template

The user who created it in the organization they created it in.

For the creator, once signed in: in app. Read more.


Your Organization

Only available to users in your organization

All members (non-guests) of your organization.

For the all users with accounts at the organization, once signed in: in app. Read more.

Business (book a demo)


Available to everyone on hypercontext.com, including people at your organization

All users across our system
All visitors to our website.

In app. Read more.

On our website under Agenda Templates.


By making your agenda template public, we may use your name, company and avatar image to promote the use of your template to those that use Hypercontext

You can adjust settings on your template at any time while editing it here

How to create and adjust template visibility

This feature is available for you when you create a custom agenda template and looking to publish it to your account or Organization or to anyone who can make use of it outside of your organization/account.

To publish an agenda template,

Step 01: Create an agenda and go to "Save agenda as template"

Step 02: Review the template

Step 03: Select who you would want to see the template you have created and click "Publish"

Special Notes:

  • Selecting "Public" option will make your template visible to anyone who uses Hypercontext

  • An agenda template only captures the agenda items. Any information added as next steps, attachments or comments will not be published and will remain property of your hypercontext account

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