Two zaps will need to be created, 1st zap is to add the Next Steps that are assigned to you to your ClickUp account automatically and the 2nd zap is to complete Next Steps using your ClickUp account. To get started, ensure you have active accounts for Hypercontext, Zapier and ClickUp.

Step 01: Log in to your Zapier account or click here to get direct access to the Hypercontext Zapier integrations page

Step 02: Create the Zap between Hypercontext and ClickUp

This will ensure any next steps that are assigned to you are shown on the ClickUp account when the zap is created successfully. Before you start creating the zap, please ensure a sample next step is created in your hypercontext account and is assigned to you.

Special note: When you are adding information to the 'Task Description' please ensure you are typing "next_step_id:" in all lower case as this is a key element.

The ClickUp account will update as and when new Next Steps are added in your Hypercontext accounts that are assigned to you as shown below (if you are not seeing the Next Steps created in the Hypercontext account on ClickUp, give it 1 - 2 mins and do a refresh to the ClickUp page)

Step 03: Creating the zap between ClickUp and Hypercontext to complete Next Steps using ClickUp

This will ensure when a next step is closed using ClickUp, it updates your Hypercontext account

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