As you build workspaces you may find some agenda items are used in more than one workspace. This will be the case if you are managing a team and conducting your weekly one-on-ones. We have the perfect solution for this so that you do not have to type the same agenda item/s over and over.

To create your own template, please go to --> New Workspace --> My Templates --> select Create New Template and add your agenda item.

Once a custom template has been created, it will be shown on "My Templates". To add this template to a brand new workspace. Simply, select My Templates --> locate the template --> Click Apply Template

If you are looking only to add a few agenda items from a template you have created to an existing agenda, please open the agenda which you are looking to add the agenda items, click on "Add Suggestions" --> Agenda Templates --> Select "My Templates". Locate your template and click + or add all.

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