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How can I go about one-time meetings
How can I go about one-time meetings
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We all have those meetings that take place occasionally or do not repeat or spontaneous events that you squeeze into the calendar despite how busy your schedule is. And when it comes to recalling the notes taken, you just can't wrap your head around where it was written, what was discussed, when, with who..sounds familiar. Then this article is for you !

Follow these steps, so that you will never lose track of one-off meetings again.

Step 01: Create a dedicated workspace for One-Time events and club it under a new Section (do not link the workspace to a calendar event)

Step 02: Add your agenda items, notes, and any items to follow up on. Most importantly add a brief description of the meeting (date, time, venue, attendees, etc..) in the Description area of the agenda

Step 03: When finishing the meeting, add a name that resembles the event so that you can easily review past meetings and locate that meeting easily in the future (by default our platform adds the date which the meeting ended for each past meeting and the latest event is shown at the top)

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