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Our company is no longer using Google/Outlook calendar
Our company is no longer using Google/Outlook calendar
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Companies do replace their email client from Google to Outlook and vice versa especially during merger/acquisitions scenarios, user-friendliness, lower costs, and 'n' number of other reasons.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about if this is the case for your Hypercontext account. Simply, drop us a request with the following details and we got you covered πŸ™Œ (please do make sure it is the administrator of your account who is reaching out to us though)

  • What is your new Email Client - (Google / Outlook)

  • Would you like to change your authentication method as well, if yes what is your preferred (Google/ MS Teams / Work email / Slack)

  • Is there a domain change for the members who are active in your Hypercontext account - (Yes / No)

  • If there is a domain change, have their email addresses changed - (Yes / No)

  • List down all the current and new email addresses if their email addresses have changed

Once we have the information, we will do the needful and drop a confirmation back.

*These changes will not cause any loss of data added to your account

And of course, our team is working on self-serve options as well to mitigate the resolution time to give the best user experience for our customers. Await for more info on this 😱

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