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How to run a team meeting on Hypercontext
How to run a team meeting on Hypercontext
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Step 01: Create a workspace

You have the option to create a workspace from the Workspace sidebar or create it by directly clicking on the calendar event from the Calendar sidebar. Both options are shown here.

Step 02: Add agenda items

You can use a Team Meeting template from our agenda template library,


Add agenda items manually,

Customize your agenda with Sections or if you have a template that you have created, add it directly. Do not know how to do that - it's easy as 1 2 3 - check it out

Step 3: Ensure the agenda you created is connected to an event/series in your calendar

This will ensure you have a fresh agenda to work with whenever the meeting is taking place again.

Note: if you created the workspace directly from the calendar sidebar, this will already be linked to that event and the other user would have received an invitation too.

We are happy to show you some of the best practices used by our power users,

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