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How can I cancel Hypercontext paid subscription?
How can I cancel Hypercontext paid subscription?
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We are sad to see you go 😢 if you are looking to downsize, you can always drop us a chat or email us on [email protected] so, we can look at a few options for you. If you are not still happy, contact us using the Blue Chat icon shown on the bottom right corner of the screen and we can downgrade your account to the Free plan.

Free Account will enable you to keep your account information and come back to Hypercontext at anytime to upgrade to either Pro or Business plan to start using Premium Features right away !

Also, If you are an existing customer who is on Pro or Business plan, downgrading your account will immediately stop charging you on the renewal but you will still have access to Paid Features till the last date of the billing cycle. After the billing cycle ends, you & the team will not be able to access paid features.

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