If you want to add some items to your meeting agenda, but not 100% where to start, let Hypercontext lend a hand.

Accessing Suggested Questions:

To the right of the 'Add Item' bar, you will find a button that says "Suggestions"

Within the Suggested Items tab, there are 3 main areas: Conversation Starters, Agenda Templates & Favorites.

Conversation Starters

Under the Conversation Starters tab, you will find a list of items that are perfect for building trust and getting the most out of your team, direct report, or manager.

On the Conversation Starters tab, you will find 3 dropdowns to help you filter the results to match the conversation questions you are looking for.

Type: One-on-One & Team Meeting

Role: Direct Report & Manager

Topics: All, Communication, Growth, Motivation & Work

Adding Items to your agenda:

To add an item to your agenda, simply select the item or the + icon located while hovering over the item.

Favoriting an item:

If there is an item that you wish to easily access to add to other meetings, you have the ability to favorite the agenda icon. Select the ❤️ icon to add the item to your Favorite tab.

Agenda Templates:

Hypercontext comes preloaded with multiple agenda templates to get you started. If you wish to create a net new meeting with an agenda template, you would select "+ New Meeting" followed by your 1:1, Team Meeting or My Templates to access your custom templates.

If you wish to add an agenda template into an existing meeting, you are able to add the agenda items through the Suggested Items tab.

Under the Agenda Template tab, you are able to select the Type dropdown to filter between 1:1 & Team Meeting.

Once you have located the agenda template you desire, you are able to add all of the items with a single click by selecting "Add All" or, you can hover and select on a particular item add only that one.

My Templates

By selecting: Agenda Templates > Type Dropdown > My Templates, you will be able to access your custom templates. You would do this if you would like to add a template to an existing agenda.

To learn more about creating templates, please click here to view our help document on custom templates.

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