Creating a template with Hypercontext has never been easier with our custom template builder.

Creating a new template:

To create a new template using our template builder, select: + New Agenda > My Templates > Create New Template.

Template Builder

First, select if the template that you are creating is going to be a 1:1 or Team Meeting. By default, the builder will be set to Team Meeting.

Avatar & Color:

Select an avatar that best represents your meeting as well as your favorite colour to distinguish your meeting from others.

Template Name:

Name your template so that you can access the template at later dates.


Add a description to your template. This is the perfect place to write what the purpose of the meeting is & some goals that you wish to achieve.

Adding Items:

Select the "Add Item..." bar located on the bottom of your screen, once select, you can type out the item that you wish to add followed by Enter/Return to add the item to your template.

Setting Up Your Meeting

Brand New Meeting:

If you wish to create a brand new meeting using a saved template, select "+ New Meeting" > My Templates". Hover over your saved template of choice and select Apply Template.

This will create a brand new meeting with the agenda items already populated. You will still need to sync the meeting to a calendar event as well as invite meeting attendees.

Adding Template Items to an existing meeting:

To add your template to an existing meeting, navigate to your meeting and select Suggested Items > Agenda Template > 'Type' Dropdown > My Template

Locate your template and add the entire template by selecting "Add All" or individually by selecting the item.

Editing Your Template

To edit your template select + New Agenda > My Templates. Hover over your saved template and select Preview.

In the preview menu, you will have the option to Delete, Edit or Use Template.

Sharing Templates Across Your Organization

If you would like to have templates available for all members of your organization, you can do so by upgrading your Hypercontext workspace to our Business Plan. Click here to learn more about our Business Plan and if you would like to book a call for a free month, click here to speak with us!

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