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Getting Started with Hypercontext Videos
Getting Started with Hypercontext Videos

Looking for some quick videos to help get you started on our tool? In here we cover the basics

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How to set up your first meeting:

Running a good meeting needs a shared agenda, notes and next actions. In this video we will cover how to set up your workspace in Hypercontext, connect it to your calendar, and invite others.

Set up your agenda:

Being focused, intentional and collaborating on the agenda will immediately improve your meetings. In this video we will cover how to use the agenda to run a good meeting.

Making meetings more relevant:

Whether you set the meeting or were invited you can make the time more valuable and relevant to you. In this video we will show you how to add items to the agenda and explore our suggestions.

Add context and drive action:

Work done before and after meeting will increase throughput and improve engagement. In this video we will cover how you can add context to meeting items, work asynchronously, and drive action through next steps.

Supercharge your experience with the Chrome Extension:

Learn how to use Hypercontext workspace with Google Calendar, Google Drive/Docs/Sheets/etc, and Google Meet! If you use the Google Suite of tools, you'll love this video.

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