How to build an agenda in Hypercontext workspace:

Building your first agenda and set of meeting notes is important. In this video we'll cover the basics of building an agenda and taking notes in Hypercontext workspace.

More Agenda formatting functionality:

Want to organize your agenda a bit to keep your conversations focused?

Content Suggestions and Insights in Hypercontext workspace

Looking for additional content to add to your meeting? Learn more about our content suggestions.

Using Hypercontext with Google Workspace:

Learn how to use Hypercontext workspace with Google Calendar, Google Drive/Docs/Sheets/etc, and Google Meet! If you use the Google Suite of tools, you'll love this video.

Getting most out of Hypercontext

See how easy it is to add agenda items, close off any finished items, add summary and Few Pro Tips that you would love to learn

You have exclusive access to check out some of the features that we will bring in very soon 🥳

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