Meeting insights allow you to track what is and isn't being discussed in your meetings. 

Noteđź“ť: Only meeting admins can see the item topics and Insights tab.

How are meeting insights tracked?

Our app uses machine learning to categorize your items into one of 4 topics (work, growth, motivation and communication) but you can always modify the topic if needed. 

If our app cannot categorize the item, then no topic will be added, but you can always add a topic yourself. Custom topics cannot be created. The four which are offered should do a good job of ensuring you’re having balanced conversations over time.

Note📝: Our app can categorize your item into multiple  topics, but users can only apply one when done manually. We use your selection to retrain our machine learning models so they get more accurate over time.

Insights Tab

The insights tabs provides a holistic view of all your past meetings based on the topics you've discussed over time.

What's in the insights tab?

  • A radar graph that helps you visualize your meeting insights. The more you talk about a given topic, the bigger the space will be in that category of the graph.

  • A breakdown of what’s been discussed in the past 30 days and all time, and what topics aren’t being talked about enough and need more attention

  • Suggested items based on the topic, so you can add them right to your agenda

Recommended reading from our app blog based on your meeting insights 

How to use it

The insights tab helps you find areas of conversation in your meetings that you haven’t had a chance to dive into. You can use this information to: 

  • Help you choose suggested questions (that you can add straight from the insights tab) 

  • If you wanted more suggested questions in the same category, you can open up the suggested items bank and filter for the tag’s you wanted to discuss

  • Use the “Recommended Reading” section to read up on the areas that might need more attention in your meetings

If you'd like to learn more about how you can use Insights to have better conversations with your team, you can book some time below, and we'd love to help you out! 👇 

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