Our latest Slack bot has been sent to slack for approval and if you wish to download it directly, please click here

Adding the Hypercontext Slack bot to your Slack community allows you to do a lot of your meeting management right from within Slack! 

Note: Only Hypercontext accounts created with Google or Slack authentication can connect to Slack. 

How to add the Slackbot to your Slack community

From the Web App

Click your profile picture and click "Add to Slack" and follow the steps to connect it to your workspace.

Note📝: Only admins have access to this option. 

From Slack

Search "Hypercontext" in the app store and add to it your account or click here

Click "Add to Slack" in the tab that opens up and confirm that you are adding the app to the correct Slack community in the top right-hand corner.

Learn more about how to manage your meeting agendas in Slack!

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