How to install the extension

Click here to download the Hypercontext Chrome extension. Click "Add to Chrome" and then "Add extension".

Once the extension is added, you'll be asked to create a Hypercontext workspace. If you already have a Hypercontext workspace, click "sign in". If you don't know your URL you can click "Find it here" on the sign in page. 

Once you're signed in, you can close the tab (or keep it open) and start using the extension!

How to use the extension

Once the extension is installed, you can open it up at any time and add items to your meetings as they come up! Here's how to add an item:

  1. Click the extension to open it up at any time

  2. Enter your item or choose a suggested one

  3. Select the meeting you'd like to add it to in the dropdown

  4. Click "Add Item", and your item will be added to the selected meeting in Hypercontext workspace! 

Item Suggestions

These are suggested items that will automatically populate with the URL address of the page that you are on so you can easily share whatever you're looking at with your team members, no copy and paste necessary!

Your Next Steps

See all the next steps that were assigned to you, and which meetings they’re from.  Click on an item to open up Hypercontext workspace and check it off! ✅

Google Calendar Theme lets you choose what colour theme of the events in your calendar that are connected to Hypercontext workspace. 

Managing your meetings from Google Calendar

If you've got your calendar open, you can also access and add to your Hypercontext meetings in the sidebar! Just click the Hypercontext icon and it will pop out 👍 

Chrome Extension Integrations


If you've got next steps assigned to you, you can see them in your "My Tasks" and "Inbox" tabs in Asana

To do List

You can see all next steps assigned to you on the right panel. 

Note 📝: You must have next steps assigned to you in order to see them. 

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