Inactive Users in your account are the users who are not counted towards the active user count and therefore won't count towards the cost of your subscription fee

What is an inactive user? 

  • New users who have been invited to a workspace but have never signed in

  • Users who have not accessed the platform in 30 or more days (only on Basic or Trial Plans) 

Inactive users can log in at any time and will still receive email notifications.  Once an inactive user logs into your workspace, they will become an active user. 🙋‍♀️

Note📝: Admins can't manually set a user to “Inactive”. If you want to reduce the active user count, you can deactivate users manually on the user management page.

Where can I see inactive users?

Admins can see all inactive users in the “Active Accounts” section in the “User Management” tab 👇 

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