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What is Hypercontext 🤔
What is Hypercontext 🤔

This article explains what Hypercontext is, how it will help your team and some of the features it offers!

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Hypercontext is a meeting management tool for one-on-one and team meetings. Our mission is to make being a manager easier, more natural and fun by being the manager’s sidekick!

How Hypercontext helps the team:

We know technology will never replace the manager, but it can act as a sidekick to help them where they spend their most valuable time with their team: one-on-ones and team meetings!  Our tool is purpose-built to make the crucial time that managers and their teams spend together more meaningful by increasing how productive, collaborative and organized that time is! 

With Hypercontext, you can:

  • Create interactive agendas that all meeting participants can view and add to. 

  • Comment and take meeting notes directly within the agenda. 

  • Add next steps to ensure easy follow-up. 

  • Use post-meeting survey questions to constantly improve on the effectiveness of your time together. 


  • Customizable meeting agendas for your one-on-ones, team meetings and other recurring meetings.   

  • Repeating agenda items - forget the copy-and-paste dance with recurring items that repeat every meeting.   

  • Suggested agenda items - toggle through recommended agenda items to facilitate meaningful conversations.  

  • Next Steps - an action item tracker baked right into your agenda to boost accountability in your team.  Assign team members + add deadlines

  • Shared online meeting notes - add summaries to each agenda item to ensure everyone leaves the meeting with clarity.   

  • Meeting Ratings - automatic post-meeting survey questions to track meeting effectiveness over time.  

  • Real-time commenting - ask questions and add context before the meeting begins – right within the agenda. 

  • Access to past meetings - a complete archive of all your past meetings.  

  • Private notes - your own private space within each agenda to keep private notes: future agenda items, talking points, personal details and more.  

  • Personalized homepage - A central page to see your one-on-one and team meetings for the week.   

  • Tool integrations - Seamless integrations with the tools your team is already using, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google and Outlook. 

Let us know if you've any questions about Hypercontext that are not covered here and we'll be happy to help 😊

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