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How to get your team to adopt Hypercontext quickly!
How to get your team to adopt Hypercontext quickly!

This article gives tips on how and what to tell your team about Hypercontext before you launch it 🔥

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When you find an awesome new tool, you're naturally super excited to get your entire team on board. But sometimes even the best tools can be hard for your team to adopt when they have so much in their tech stack already. 

This article explains our three-step plan for getting your team jazzed about giving Hypercontext a try 🚀

Step 1: A quick note in email or Slack

Before your next team meeting, send your team a quick; TLDR of what Hypercontext is and how you think it’ll make your team more efficient. Then let them know you’ll send them their invites and will cover more detail about the app in your next team meeting!

Here's a sample of what you could send your team:

📣📣 Exciting Update 📣📣

I’ve found a tool to help us stay organized and make our meetings as efficient and effective as possible! It’s called Hypercontext. I’ll go into more detail in our next team meeting but essentially it’s a meeting agenda tool for our one-on-one and team meetings. You’ll see your invite to Hypercontext in your inbox soon. If you’re curious between now and the team meeting, you can read more about Hypercontext here

Step 2: Provide additional context in your next team meeting

Set aside some time in your next team meeting, to cover:

  • Why your team needs this tool

  • What do you expect Hypercontext to help you with and how do you want the team to use the tool

  • Any questions your team might have about Hypercontext workspace or your meetings. 

Once you’ve answered any questions, agree that everyone will give the tool a try (this means them adding items, syncing calendars and finishing meetings too, not just you😉) and agree on a date for a check-in to see how everyone is liking the tool! 

With these two simple steps, expectations are set, everyone is engaged and ready to rock - and you can watch your meetings go from good to GREAT💥 

Step 3: Book a time for a demo with our onboarding team!

We offer custom onboarding for your team to ensure that you start off on the right foot. Simply click here to book time with a Hypercontext team member and we will walk you through all of the amazing features of the platform and help you and your team understand the true impact that Hypercontext can bring to your organization 🙌

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