Hypercontext's Meeting Minutes feature is the easiest way to keep up to date & in the loop with what was discussed (as well as the next steps assigned) during a meeting. 

Once a meeting is finished, an email is automatically sent to all members that have Meeting Minute notifications enabled.

How It Works:

When you select “Finish Meeting” after a one-on-one or team meeting, the “Finish Meeting” popup appears. From this popup, you can select or deselect the option to send out meeting minutes to all participants.

If the box is selected, everyone who is involved in the meeting & has meeting minutes notification enabled, will receive an email outlining the agenda items, next steps & summaries of the meeting!

This is what your meeting minutes email will look like:

Note 📝: If meeting ratings are turned on, participants are able to rate the meeting directly from the Meeting Minutes email.

Managing your Meeting Minutes:

There are three ways to control your Meeting Minutes Notifications:

  • From an overall account level

  • Within a specific one-on-one/team meeting

  • Unsubscribing from the Meeting Minutes email

Account Level Toggle:

By selecting your profile picture in the top right corner, you will see the “Account Settings” option. Selecting “Account Settings” will allow you to manage your Meeting Minutes from an account level. Deselecting “Meeting Minutes” from an account level will disable all meeting minutes across all one-on-one’s and team meetings in your Hypercontext workspace. 


Individual One-on-One/Team Meeting Toggle:

Toggling on/off Meeting Minutes from an individual one-on-one/team channel will only affect that specific meeting.

If there is a specific channel that you don’t want to receive “Meeting Minutes” from, simply select the “Settings” tab within that channel and toggle on/off “Meeting Minutes”

Note 📝: If you turn off “Meeting Minutes” from “Account Settings” you can turn on meetings individually through the channel without affecting the other channels.

Unsubscribing from Meeting Minute Emails

Finally, you are able to unsubscribe from Meeting Minutes through the footer of the Meeting Minutes email. 


Once you click “Unsubscribe” you will be brought to a confirmation screen where you have the ability to opt back into Meeting Minute emails.

Note 📝: If you choose to unsubscribe from the Meeting Minute emails, you will no longer receive Meeting Minute emails unless you opt back in. However, you will continue to receive newsletter emails from Hypercontext which you can unsubscribe separately to meeting notifications. Also, your account level notifications can be toggled from the “My Settings” page.

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