The organization settings page is the home of all settings options for your company's workspace!

To access your Organization Settings, click your profile picture and then select “Organization Settings”: 

Note📝: Only Hypercontext Workspace admins have access to Organization Settings.

Within the organization settings tab, admins can update:

  • Your workspace’s name 

  • Your workspace’s URL

  • Billing information

  • The users in your workspace


Workspace URL

When a Workspace URL is updated, all users will receive an email about the update and the old URL will redirect to the new one for 30 days after the change has been made. After that, you will no longer be able to access the old URL.

Allowed Email Domain (Google Authentication Only)  

If the person who created your Hypercontext Workspace has a whitelisted domain address (ie. and not, they will have the option to turn this on when they are creating the workspace, and edit it in Organization Settings. 

When “Allowed Email Domain” is ON, anyone from the allowed domain (the same domain as the Workspace creator), will be able to sign in to your workspace, without having to be invited. 

When this setting is OFF, any user who would like to make an account on your workspace will have to first be invited. 

If an admin turns domain access OFF after it’s already been on, users who have already created accounts will still be able to sign in, but new users will only be able to sign in if they are invited. 

Note📝: Admins cannot change the allowed domain after they've set up a Workspace.


The billing tab shows you what plan you are on, and allows you to edit it. You can also update the credit card associated with your Workspace from this page.

User Management

The user management tab allows you to manage all users on your Workspace. You can learn more about what you can do in User Management here.

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