Invite a teammate to Hypercotext Workspace

Admins can invite teammates to their Workspace by going into "Organization Settings" > "User Management". Just click the "Invite Teammates" button and then enter their email(s). You can also preview the invitation they will receive by clicking "Preview Invitation" 👍 

Invite a teammate to your meeting

  1. Click on the blue 'New Meeting' button on the bottom left of the screen

  2. Select the type of meeting you want

  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite in the search bar

  4. Select blue highlighted email address and the '+' button

  5. Click the blue 'Invite Teammate' button

Once you've added someone you can then choose to schedule the meeting either manually or sync your calendar!

Any questions on this - just click the messenger bubble to the right and we're here to help! 💪

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