No more sifting through past meetings trying to find items. With our “Search” feature, you can search through agenda items in all your current, past and archived meetings, including one-on-ones, team meetings and Discussions. It’s never been easier to collect content for performance reviews, growth plans, accountability assessments and more! 🔎

To Search, simply start typing in the search bar located on the top right of your screen.

Once finished, hit “Enter” to see your search results. You can also search our help centre for your keyword as well 👍 

Note📝: Your search results will show agenda items containing your keyword only. 

Note 📝: If you are on the Basic plan, your results will be limited to the past 30 days.

Universal Search (Pro feature! 👏)

Filtering your results

If you’re on a Pro plan, you can dive deeper into your results with filters.

Select “+ Add Filter” in the top banner to view the filter dropdown. From there, you can filter by:

  • Meeting type

  • Author 

  • Date

Note 📝: You can only add one of each type of filter per search query. So one date range, one author, one meeting type for a total of three filters.

To remove a filter, select the “X” beside the filter chip. If you have multiple filters that you wish to remove, select “Clear All”.

Filter by meeting type 👤

Filtering by meeting type allows you to filter your search results in a number of ways. First, you can filter by:

  1. All one-on-ones

  2. All team meetings

  3. All discussions

Second, you can filter by a specific one-on-one, team meeting or Discussion.

Filter by author ✍️

When you filter by author, you can hone in on any individual within your organization (as long as they have a Hypercontext account). Select “Filter by author” and scroll or search for the individual.

You’ll notice some authors are greyed out – these are deactivated users, but they'll still show up in search results!

Filter by date 🗓

Lastly, users have the ability to filter by date. This allows you to further narrow your search to a particular time frame. When selecting “Filter by date” you have the option to select a pre-set time frame, or a custom date range.

When selecting custom, select the start and end date of your choice and select “Apply.”

Note 📝: Free users will be able to search within the last 30 days and do not have access to filters. To get full access to our search functionality, upgrade to Pro!

Got any other questions? Get in touch by hitting the blue chat bubble at the bottom of the page!

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