Meeting ratings help you get real time feedback on how your team is feeling about your one-on-one’s and team meetings so that you can make sure you’re all working to your highest potential! 📈

Rating your meetings

Once a meeting is “finished” by someone, you and all other meeting members will be prompted to rate that meeting the next time you open it on Hypercontext Workspace. 

If you have that meeting open when the meeting is finished by someone on your team, you’ll receive the pop-up window to rate it right there and then! 

You can also rate a meeting straight from the Today page, like in the screenshot below!

Note 📝: A pop-up window to rate the meeting will only show if the meeting was finished less than 7 days ago, and the meeting rating card on the Today page will only show if the meeting was finished less than 30 days ago. 

One-on-One Ratings 👤

Once both people have rated the meeting, you’ll be able to see the other person’s rating.

Team Meeting Ratings 👥

Once you’ve submitted your meeting rating, you’ll be able to see an aggregation of responses from the team in the past meetings tab.

Note 📝: You cannot change your meeting rating once its been submitted. 

Don’t feel like rating the meeting right away? 

That’s ok! Just dismiss the pop-up window by clicking the ‘X’ in the top left hand corner or clicking outside of it. When you’re ready to rate it, just head to the “Past Meetings” tab to view all the meetings you’ve yet to rate! 

Note 📝: You won’t be able to see how others rated the meeting until you’ve rated the meeting yourself. 

Meeting Ratings Settings

Meeting admins can turn off meeting ratings or change the question being asked by heading to the ‘Info’ tab within that meeting. Changes or edits that you make to the settings will apply only to that particular meeting, there is no universal setting for meeting ratings.

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