First things first, you can download the iOS app here 📱 

When you log into your Hypercontext account in the new iOS app, all your existing one-on-one and team meetings will be there but now you can add new one-on-one or team meetings right in the app too. 

Creating a Meeting

To create meeting in your community,

  1. Tap on the “☰” sign on the top left

  2. Click on "New Workspace Icon" at the bottom of the screen and select the meeting type

  3. Invite your team members to your meeting

Note: If the user you’re inviting isn't already a part of Hypercontext (meaning they have not logged in for the first time yet) you can enter their email address and directly invite them to join Hypercontext. Once you do that, we’ll send them an invite email and they’ll be good to go. 👍 

See what they will receive when you invite them to a meeting here. 🔎 

Adding items to your meetings

To add an item to your one-on-one or team meeting:

  1. Tap the meeting you’d like to add an item to

  2. Tap the bottom of the screen where it says “Add item…”

3. Type in your item and hit Enter or add a suggested item by tapping on the suggested item at the bottom of the screen with the icon 💡

Learn more about how to have a successful walking meeting here. 🚶

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