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Managing your agenda in Microsoft Teams
Managing your agenda in Microsoft Teams
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Adding Items

Add agenda items by typing them into the text box at the bottom of the meeting agenda you’ve selected, or by clicking on one of the Suggested Items. Don't worry - you can edit/delete items after they've been added. 

Adding Comments

Click on an agenda item to open up the discussion box and add comments.

Editing/Deleting Items or Comments

Edit or delete your items and comments by hovering over them and selecting delete.



Open the agenda item and hover over the comment (only the person who added can delete their own comment/s)

Finishing/Archiving Meeting Agendas

After your meeting, click “Finish Meeting”. Here you will have a few options to choose from if you click on the drop-down icon next to Finish Meeting.

All open items (i.e. items without a checkmark next to them) will remain on your agenda for the next meeting) and will get recorded under "Past Meetings" tab. The meeting name can be changed at any time and by default, our platform will add the date of the meeting when it was marked as finished and show the very latest meeting at the top.

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