Adding Items

Add agenda items by typing them into the text box at the bottom of the meeting agenda you’ve selected, or by clicking on one of the Suggested Items. Don't worry - you can edit/delete items after they've been added. 

Adding Comments

Click on an agenda item to open up the discussion box and add comments.

Editing/Deleting Items or Comments

Edit or delete your items and comments by hovering over them and hitting either the edit or trash can icon.



Tracking Item Status

The Feedback Loop lets you quickly see which items have been resolved and which ones will be carried over to your next Meeting. 

Finishing/Archiving Meeting Agendas

After your meeting, click “Finish Meeting” at the bottom of your agenda to end your discussions and clear the closed items off your list.

All open items (i.e. items without a checkmark next to them) will remain on your agenda for the next meeting).

Ended Meetings can still be accessed anytime under “Past Meetings” - so don’t worry, your past meetings are not lost!  

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