You can create next steps on your Community Workspace and add them to any of your agenda items. Setting a due date and assignee to a Next Step helps you and your team take accountability for the things that need to get done and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks!

Keeping track of your Next Steps

All next steps that are assigned to you will appear on your Today page in the top right hand corner, they'll be listed and prioritized by due date.

You can also filter for other users next steps as well to get an overall pulse on how your teammates are doing. 

Adding Next Steps

To add a next step, click on your agenda item to open it, then click “Next Steps”. Type your next step and hit enter to add it to the item. 

Pro tip⚡️: Type in the users name first and then typing in the due date as you write the next step will automatically assign it to that person and set the due date. 

Note 📝: You can only assign next steps to members who are a part of that meeting. 

Completing Next Steps

If there are outstanding next steps in an item, that item’s progress loop will be shown as incomplete and you won't be able to check it off in your agenda.

Once you’ve completed the next step, check it off either from the item view or from the Next Steps tab.

If you check off a next step from your Today page, it will stay there until the meeting has been closed, but will be moved to the bottom of the list.

Once all your next steps are completed, the progress circle will fill in and your item will close!

Note 📝: You can uncheck a completed Next Step up until the meeting is closed. 

Ps. Click here for some tips on how to improve accountability in your team!

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