“Home Page” keeps you focused and productive by showing you all your upcoming one-on-ones and team meetings in one place. 

How to access Home Page

When you first sign in to Hypercontext, you will land on the Home Page . When you’re on other agenda pages, just click “Hypercontext” logo at the top left of your screen to see your feed.

Note: Business plan customers can click on their Business Logo to return to their home page as the admin of the business plan account can upload their own logo if needed

You can also sync your calendar to bulk create meetings with just one click! 

Once your calendar is synced, you will see all your meetings. If you'd like to create an agenda for a meeting, just hover over and click "Create Workspace" on the top left hand corner to set it up! 

Note 📝: You can currently only see events on your Primary calendar. 

What’s in the Home Feed?

Your meetings will display in chronological order. You’ll see agenda items for your upcoming meetings until 1 hour after your set meeting time has passed.  After this, you will see a “Finish” button - click this to archive your meeting.

Learn how to set the time of your meetings so they’ll appear on the Home Page

Note: If you haven’t created any meeting channels, you will see an empty state where you can create a One-on-one or Team Meeting. 

What you can do in Home Page

  • Create meetings straight from your calendar

  • Finish meetings (items that aren’t checked off will carry over to the next meeting)

  • Close/summarize items (up until 1 hour after your set meeting time has passed)

  • Add comments to agenda items

  • Add agenda items to your meeting

Learn more about managing your Hypercontext agendas here.

From the right-side menu you can...

Finish Meetings

The Unfinished meetings widget displays meetings that ended more than 1 hour ago. You can finish your meetings from here by clicking “Finish”. Once you finish a meeting, it will be removed from this list. 

Note: Meetings will only appear in this widget if you’ve synced them to your calendar or set a meeting time manually.  

Learn more about finishing your meetings here.

Schedule Meetings

The Unscheduled Meetings widget displays all meetings that are not synced to a calendar event or manually scheduled. You can schedule your meeting from here by clicking “Sync to calendar”. Once you’ve scheduled your meeting, it will be removed from this list. 

Learn more about scheduling your meetings here.

Note: Meetings will not appear in this widget if the “Meeting Events” notification setting for that meeting has been turned off. 

Learn more about notification settings here.

Want to know more about how to get the most out of Hypercontext with your team? Click below to book some time to chat! 👇 

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