Click here to create a Hypercontext account

Select an authentication method

Everyone who uses Hypercontext from your company will sign in with this method. Currently, you can authenticate with Google, Slack, Microsoft teams or Email. Don’t use any of these? Suggest a different authentication method here.  

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You cannot switch your authentication method after your Hypercontext is created.

  • Everyone who uses Hypercontext from your company will need to sign in using this method. 

  • If you select Google auth, it’s a good idea to use your work email to sign in.

Choose your organization name

Choose your Hypercontext URL

Your Hypercontext URL is what your employees will enter in their URL bar to access your Hypercontext. E.g “<yourhypercontexturl>”. 

Note: If you select “Slack” and install our SlackBot then your URL will automatically default to your Slack community name.

Click “Create Hypercontext” and voila! 

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