You can adjust your global notification settings for all meetings or discrete notification settings for for each individual Meeting or Discussion.

Global Notification Settings for All Meetings (Web App)

To access your global notification settings, click on your profile picture in the top right, then click “settings”. These settings control the notifications for all meetings in your Hypercontext workspace, and override all meeting-specific notification settings found in the "Info" tab of your meetings. 

Note: After you’ve set your global preferences, any updates you make to your meeting-specific notification settings will override the global notifications you’ve set. E.g. If you turn off mobile notifications globally, you can turn them them back on for a specific meeting. 

Here are the notification options you’ll see: 

Note: If your Hypercontext workspace does not use Slack authentication, or if you do not have the Hypercontext mobile app, the only notification you’re able to receive is the Digest email. 

Digest Emails

Hypercontext sends an email once a day at 8:30 AM according to the timezone of your Hypercontext's country of Origin (ie. Hypercontexts created in Toronto, or Boston would be EST. Hypercontexts created in San Francisco would be PST. Hypercontexts in Australia would be ACT). 

Note: You will only receive a Digest email if there are updates from the last 24 hours that you have not already viewed in the web app, or if you have a meeting or “special occasion” coming up in the next 24 hours.

What’s in the email?

  • Updates about activity that’s happened in any of your Meetings or Discussions in the past 24 hours, that you have not already viewed in the web app.

  • A list of one-on-ones and Team Meetings you have that day. Note: you will only see this if you’ve synced your calendar or set up a meeting time manually. 

  • A list of all your Next Steps (both upcoming and overdue).

  • "Special Occasions" like work anniversaries and birthdays. Note: you will only see these if you’ve set up birthdays and work anniversaries in your one-on-ones. Click here to learn how to set up birthdays and work anniversaries. 

To turn off digest emails, you can either toggle the setting “off” or “unsubscribe” from the email. 

Individual Meeting Notification Settings 

To access your individual Meeting/Discussion notification settings, select the meeting from the left side bar, then click on the “Info” tab. 

Note: individual Meeting/Discussion notifications can only be received if your Hypercontext uses Slack authentication, or if you use the Hypercontext mobile app. 

Slack Notifications - Toggle this on if you’d like to get Hypercontext workspace activity updates in Slack.

Mobile Notifications - If you have the Hypercontext app installed on your mobile device, toggle this on to receive push notifications. If you don't have the mobile app, download it here for iPhone and here for Android

New Items Added - Be notified in Slack or via mobile push notification when new items are added to this specific meeting.

Activity on Items - Be notified in Slack or via mobile push notification when new comments and summaries are added, and when items are closed in this specific meeting.

Meeting Events - Be notified of upcoming meetings in Slack 24 hours before the start time. Note: this notification will only work if you’ve synced your Google or Outlook calendar, or if you’ve set up a time for your meeting manually. If you have not synced your calendar for a meeting, Slack will keep reminding you to do this, unless this notification is “off”. 

PS. Click here to read about how meeting notifications can help you shave time off your meetings, by giving everyone a nudge to add items and review the agenda beforehand! ⏱

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