Archiving a Meeting

Archiving meetings will remove them from your list of meetings and stop all notifications from that meeting. 

To archive a meeting, hover over that meeting in the right sidebar, click the three dots on the right and select “Archive”. You can also archive the meeting by clicking on the “Info” tab from the agenda view and selecting “Archive” at the bottom right. 

Don’t worry you can always re-open archived meetings by hovering over the meeting, clicking the three dots and clicking “restore”, or by clicking “Restore” in the top bar. You can also restore the meeting by setting up a meeting on Slack with the user(s) from the archived meeting(s)! 

Note📝: You cannot permanently remove archived meetings.  

Deleting a Meeting

Deleting a meeting removes it permanently from your Community Workspace. This is not reversible, and once you delete a meeting, all the data is permanently erased. 

To delete a meeting, either:

  • Hover over it in the sidebar, click the 3 dots and select "Delete"

  • Go into your meeting Settings and click "Delete" at the bottom

Note📝: Only meeting Manger can delete a meeting. 

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