Viewing Meetings

You can view your one-on-one meetings any time in Slack by typing “show people” and then clicking “view meeting” on the meeting you’d like to see. 

To view your team meetings, type "show teams". 

Adding Items

  • One-on-ones: type “add to @person [your discussion item]” in your @soapboxbot DM channel

  • Team meetings: in your team channel type “@soapboxbot add [your discussion item]”

  • Add a Slack message that you have sent in any channel to any of your meeting agendas by hovering over the message and clicking the ellipsis for "more actions" and then selecting "Add to Hypercontext". Choose the meeting you'd like to add it to and click "Add". Note: to use this feature you must accept the Updated Slack Permissions.

While you can do some light management in Slack, most people prefer managing their meetings on the web.

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