How to use Discussion Kits

Learn how to run our most popular Hypercontext Discussions, and get ideas some for other Discussions you can run.

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Discussions are a great way to get large groups of people aligned to the bigger picture. Whether it be brainstorming ideas, getting input or asking questions, bringing people together to talk about things that impact the way they work is super motivating. 

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When to use a Hypercontext Discussion Kit

Our Discussion Kits are modelled after the most popular Discussions people have had in Hypercontext. Here’s a rundown of how to use each one.

AMA: If you’re unveiling a new initiative or have some big news to communicate to a larger group, invite them to share their questions. Use comments to answer the quick ones, and answer the top-voted ones in person at your next Town Hall meeting.  

Project Kickoff: Invite the whole project team to discuss project details and get aligned to the scope, roles and responsibilities and timelines so you can get to work! 

Project Retrospective: Invite the whole project team to reflect on whether you achieved what you set out to do, what worked, what didn’t and what learnings you can take to your next project. 

Top 10 customer pains: Invite your entire Customer Experience department to share the problems your customers submit as soon as they hear about them. Encourage them to add comments so everyone can learn how to handle these situations, then, take the top 10-voted pains to the leadership team once a month. 

Basic Discussion: Use this if you’d like to run your own customized Discussion. Not sure what to talk about? Check out our other ideas, below!

Other Discussion Ideas

Choose the "Basic Discussion" when you set up your Discussion, and use our name, duration and description templates to fill in your info.

Discussions Marketing leaders should be having:

Name: How to make a splash with Marketing without breaking the bank
Duration: 1 week
Description: We need to make a splash this year without breaking the bank. Share any idea you have for a marketing campaign - no idea is to small or too silly! We’ll evaluate the three top-voted ideas for implementation.
Who to invite: The whole company

Name: Let’s use the same words!
Duration: 1 week
Description: We need to make sure the words in our marketing materials are the same as in the product. Share the key phrases and words you're using to describe our value, and use comments to debate and align on what we should use moving forward.
Who to invite: Marketing and Product 

Discussions Sales leaders should be having:

Name: Storytime
Duration: 1 month
Description: Our leads and prospects are eager to hear customer success stories. Please share any successes and wins in this Discussion so we can use them in our Sales reach outs. Thanks!
Who to invite: Sales and Client Success

Name: Subject lines that convert
Duration: 1 week
Description: We’re trying to get higher open rates on our emails, and we want to make sure our subject lines align with our value prop. Please share your ideas, and any subject lines from other companies that have made you click. Thanks!
Who to invite: Sales and Marketing

Discussions Client Success leaders should be having:

Name: What our customers want
Duration: Quarterly (archive the items and re-launch once a quarter)
Description: Let’s make sure customer feedback is considered on the roadmap. We’ll share what we’re hearing from customers and everyone can vote for the items they feel should be taken into consideration. Then we’ll leave it up to the powerful product brains to come up with the best in-app solutions!
Who to invite: Client Success, Customer Support and Product

Name: Bugs!
Duration: Monthly (archive the items and re-launch the Discussion every month)
Description: If you or a customer finds a bug, share it here. Then vote for the ones you think are most urgent.
Who to invite: Customer Support and Engineering 

Discussions Tech leaders should be having

Name: Sharing Customer Feedback
Duration: Monthly (archive the items and re-launch the Discussion every month)
Description: Our customers have a lot of great ideas - but we all know it’s impossible to implement them all right away. Whenever you get a customer request, please share it as a Discussion item. We’ll review them each month and add our answer to the five top-voted ones. Any item not addressed will carry over to the next month’s Discussion.
Who to invite: Customer Success, Customer Support, Product and/or Engineering

Name: Feature feedback
Duration: 1 week
Description: We’ve just finished the wireframes for our newest feature, [feature name]. Before we move onto the next step, we’d like to get your input. What do you like/not like? What do you think customers will like/not like? You’ve got one week - then we plow forward!
Who to invite: The whole company

Discussions Operations leaders should be having 

Name: Tell us what you think about [big decision or initiative]
Duration: 1 week
Description: We’re working on [big decision or initiative] and we want your input. What are you excited about? Worried about? How will this affect the work you do each day? Share your suggestions, questions and issues so we can all get aligned.
Who to invite: The whole company

Name: What kind of training do you need?
Duration: 2 weeks:
Description: Hey people managers! We want to make sure you have the skills you need to confidently bring out the best in each of your employees. What do you think you could work on? What are you already an expert in? Are there any courses or workshops you’d like to attend?
Who to invite: Every people manager at your company

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