If you’re looking to give your team a heads up before inviting them to Hypercontext Workspace, customize the email template below. It’s designed to let people know what Hypercontext Workspace is, why you’re using it and encourage them to start adding items to your agenda.

What notifications will people see?

When you add someone to a meeting, they'll be invited to create a Hypercontext Workspace account. Here are the notifications they'll get from us:

  1. An email from Jill with a few suggestions on what to add to your agenda

  2. A notification in Slack that looks like this:

Message template

Use this message to give your team a little more context about Hypercontext Workspace. Copy and paste it into an email and customize the bits in [square brackets].

Hey [team]!

 Our [weekly] [one-on-ones / team meetings] are incredibly valuable because they give us time to talk about [your goals, answer questions, and bring up any issues you think we should talk about]. 

I'd like us to start using Hypercontext Workspace to manage our meeting agendas and discussions. I’m about to add you to a meeting - once you get the invite, please do these 3 things before we meet:

  1.  Review the notification you get from @hypercontextbot in Slack 

  2. Follow the bot's instructions and add 2 items to our next [one-on-one / team meeting] agenda

  3.  Sign into the web app and add at least one comment to one of your items

 Can't wait to meet!
-[Your Name]

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