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Disclaimer: Our MS Teams app is listed as Soapbox

Q - How do I get set up?

A - You’ve already taken the first step by installing the Soapbox app! The next step is to ensure the tab app is installed. 

You can add the tab to any channel by clicking the + icon next to your tabs and searching for Soapbox. 

Q - Apparently, I can’t add tabs to a channel. What do I do?

A - You can only add tabs to channels that have enabled team members to do so. If you can't add a tab, then talk to your team owner or Microsoft Teams admin.

Q - How much does it cost?

A - Using Hypercontext for one-on-ones and team meetings is completely free! Click here to learn more about Hypercontext Pro pricing, which includes Discussions and Next Steps. 

Q - I no longer want to use Hypercontext. How do cancel the subscription? 

A - Oh no, sad to hear you're looking to deactivate the account 😥. Please drop us a request through the chat icon located on the bottom right and if you have a few seconds, we'd love to hear why you want to deactivate the account 🙏 

Q - How do I give feedback?

A - We are so thrilled to receive your feedback! We want to build a product that fits seamlessly into your daily life, a life where it becomes easier to give and receive feedback than not do anything at all. Help us build that tool for you by clicking the question mark at the top right-hand corner of your screen or email us your feedback to [email protected].

Q - I have more questions, how do I ask them?

A - Email us at [email protected] or start a chat with us and we’ll get back to you right 

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